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Holding Your World Together®

For 75 years the Avdel® brand has been synonymous with world-leading, blind fastening systems. There is an Avdel® fastener and installation tool to suit virtually every assembly requirement.
  • Extensive Product Line
  • Broad Range of Services
  • Innovation in Fastening & Assembly
Breakstem Rivets
Fasten soft, brittle and thin metals and plastics

The Avdel® range of breakstem fasteners meet the highest quality standards and resist the toughest environments. The flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements ensures an optimal fastening solution can be tailored to the needs of the application.
Robust fasteners for the toughest applications and environments

Avdel® structural lockbolts consist of a separate pin and collar which are mechanically locked during installation. Our fasteners form joints capable of withstanding the toughest applications and environments that traditional rivet and screw joints often cannot provide. They offer exceptional resistance to vibration and material fatigue due to the swaged lock which forms collar material permanently into the circular grooves of the bolt.
Sealing Plugs
Leak-resistant sealing in steel, iron, and aluminum

Avseal® II blind sealing plugs are unique in the efficient sealing performance provided in low- and high-pressure sealing applications. The rapidly installed plug greatly improves quality and safety in demanding applications, simplifies hole preparation and the installation process, offers an increased number of potential applications and lowers assembly costs.
Self-Piercing Rivets
Join components without pre-punched or pre-drilled holes

A joint made with Fastriv® fasteners is both leak proof and has a very high degree of joint integrity. In addition, the joint has higher dynamic strength in comparison to a spot welded joint. For these reasons it is predicted that at least 30% of spot welding applications can be replaced beneficially by self-piercing.
Speed Fasteners
Rapid, reliable fastening in medium and high volume applications

High precision, system-compatible function, ease of operation and quick processes are guaranteed because you can fasten continuously from magazine or bowl fed fasteners. Assemble metal, plastics, composite material and electronic components at up to 60 fasteners per minute.
Threaded Inserts
High quality, load bearing threads in thin materials

Quickly and reliably install threaded inserts without rework or damage to the parent application, even with painted sheet materials and tubes where there is no blind side access. Threaded inserts provide economic solutions in applications including automotive vehicles, electronics chassis manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and shipbuilding industries.
Installation Tools
Hand held tools and semi and fully automated equipment

Avdel® offers a range of high performance hydro-pneumatic hand held, bench mounted and suspended tools for typical fastener installation.

For more demanding applications and environments, it may be necessary to design customized equipment to reduce assembly time and costs. These systems can range from simple twin-headed modules to multi-headed units to fully automated robot controlled systems with integrated process monitoring.

Featured Solutions
The new range of NeoSpeed® rivets takes Avdel's Speed Fastening® technology to the next level. This newly developed system features an unique splined rivet design combining high clamp throughout a wide grip range.
Product Selectors
Automated systems to find fasteners and tools based on application parameters.

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