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Versa-Nut® - Large Flange / Open End

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Steel M4, M5, M6, M8 0VN21 Metric


The Versa-Nut® insert (offered in metric sizes only) is a steel, round bodied, split tail insert with a large flange head. The insert body collapses along slots in the insert body resulting in the formation of four legs or petals on the backside surface of the application. This unique collapse pattern provides a multi-grip grip range and a larger than normal blind side footprint. The leg formation on the rear surface of the application is required for proper installation of the Versa-Nut® insert. Therefore, they cannot be used in blind hole applications.

Multi-grip means the insert has the capability to join component parts having a broad range of thicknesses or where thickness varies along the length of an application. This enables a designer to reduce the size or number of inserts in an assembly and may help reduce inventory where a variety of insert sizes might otherwise be necessary. The large blind side footprint and large flange head both serve as load bearing surfaces which absorb the force of setting the insert. Otherwise the setting force, or clamp load, could accumulate in the application material and might damage the material. Additionally ,the application material is clamped between the large flange of the insert and the blind side leg formation during installation, resulting in high resistance to pull-out loads and torque-to-turn.

The combination of large blind side bearing surface, large flange head and multi-grip grip range makes the Versa-Nut® insert ideal for use in thin sheet, soft, brittle and low strength materials.


  • Installed quickly by using simple handtools (less than 3 seconds)
  • Require only blind side access
  • Extra large blind side bearing area after placing
  • Higher pull out and torque-to-turn resistance
  • Less radial loading of holes in brittle materials
  • Less risk of cracking and de-lamination of composites
  • Up to twice the grip range of standard blind inserts
  • Enables a designer to reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assembly
  • Covers large variations of thicknesses
Assembly Material
  • Composite Moulded Parts
  • Magnesium
  • Thin Sheet Aluminium
  • Plastics
Typical Applications
  • Automotive trim and mouldings
  • Trucks and trailers sandwich sections and panelling
  • Domestic appliances - Handles, adjustable feet and fixing points
  • Plastic fabrications - Assembly of plastic recreation equipment


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Thread Part Number Material Hole Size Grip
M4 x 0.7 0VN21-02422 Steel 6.13-6.25 0.50-3.80 6.12 11.34 1.09 5.1 14.0 18.01 8.60
M4 x 0.7 0VN21-02426 Steel 6.13-6.25 3.80-6.85 6.12 11.34 1.09 5.1 14.0 21.16 8.60
M5 x 0.8 0VN21-02528 Steel 7.48-7.62 0.50-4.45 7.47 12.95 1.09 7.9 18.0 22.39 9.90
M5 x 0.8 0VN21-02531 Steel 7.48-7.62 4.45-8.10 7.47 12.95 1.09 7.9 18.0 25.16 9.90
M6 x 1.0 0VN21-02634 Steel 8.80-8.93 0.50-7.10 8.79 16.12 1.63 12.4 22.0 27.30 12.80
M6 x 1.0 0VN21-02641 Steel 8.80-8.93 7.10-12.70 8.79 16.12 1.63 12.4 22.0 33.22 12.80
M8 x 1.25 0VN21-02838 Steel 11.11-11.50 0.50-7.10 11.10 19.29 1.70 32.0 26.0 30.92 14.47
M8 x 1.25 0VN21-02846 Steel 11.11-11.50 7.10-12.7 11.10 19.29 1.70 32.0 26.0 36.87 14.47

1) Recommended maximum torque as applied to a joint with a static top plate. Thread of insert will not be damaged. However this torque value may exceed the strength of the screw or bolt in question. Always refer to the recommended tightening torque limits for the screw or bolt.

Installation Tools

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Size Series Installation Tools
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M4 0VN21 74405-01000
M5 0VN21 74405-01000
M6 0VN21 74405-01000
M8 0VN21 74405-01000

Interactive Demo

• 0VN21 - Large Flange / Open End - Steel

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