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An Avdel® tool for every assembly requirement

Avdel® offers a range of manual, battery powered and high performance hydro-pneumatic tools for fastener installation. The fasteners and tools combine to provide a fastening system suitable for numerous assembly applications in manufacturing, maintenance and repair work.

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Automated Assembly

Avdel® offers a wide range of semi and fully automated installation equipment to suit all our customers’ requirements. All automation equipment is tailored to meet the specific demands of a particular environment whether it be a small semi-automated feed system or fully-automated assembly line for a large Automotive OEM.

Automated Assembly Solutions

Breakstem Rivets

A diverse range of high quality handtools for the installation of breakstem rivets. The range has been developed to suit virtually every type of assembly requirement from batch work to flowline and includes hydro-pneumatic and manually operated handtools and a leading-edge battery powered tool.

Breakstem Rivet Tools


Extremely durable bodies for reliable installation over long periods of time, even in the most demanding of environments such as construction and vehicle body building. Quick and simple to operate, these tools minimize operator fatigue and reduce assembly time to a minimum.

Lockbolt Tools

Sealing Plugs (Avseal® II)

The new nG range of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic handtools for Avseal® II sealing plugs.

Sealing Plug Tools

Self-Piercing Rivets (Fastriv®)

Pierce and fasten in one operation, simplifying assembly and reducing costs while providing a strong, reliable joint. They are an excellent fastening choice where welding is impossible or undesirable, such as joining dissimilar materials or pre-coated sheets.

Self-Piercing Rivet Tools

Speed Fasteners

Rapid and reliable assembly with cycle times within two seconds. Each tool places the entire range of speed fasteners with a simple modification making them perfect for low volume, high volume, or fully automated assembly lines.

Speed Fastening® Systems

Threaded Inserts

High performance, heavy duty power tools designed for rapid, blind sided installation of threaded inserts from M3 to M12. A manual tool is also available for a limited range of product.

Threaded Insert Tools

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