An Avdel® fastener for every assembly requirement

High performance Avdel® fasteners are available in a wide choice of styles, headforms, finishes and sizes.
Used in all manufacturing industries throughout the world, there is a Avdel® fastener and installation tool
to suit virtually every assembly requirement.

Breakstem Rivets

Joining components and diverse materials that vary in thickness and composition is a fundamental aspect of Avdel® breakstem rivets.  The flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements ensures that an optimal fastening solution can be tailored to the needs of the application.


High strength, structural fasteners that are quick and simple to place yet last for years. Ideal solution where spot welding is not practical or possible.

Sealing Plugs (Avseal® II)

Two-piece structural stem locking mechanism seals holes with diameters ranging from 4-20 mm in steel, iron, and aluminum.

Self-Piercing Rivets (Fastriv®)

Pierce and fasten in one operation, simplifying assembly and reducing costs while providing a strong, reliable joint. They are an excellent fastening choice where welding is impossible or undesirable, such as joining dissimilar materials or pre-coated sheets.

Speed Fasteners

Precision engineered, single piece hollow fasteners designed for continuous high speed and fully automated assembly of metals, plastics, composites and passive electronic components.

Threaded Inserts

Single piece assemblies combining a nut and rivet which provide high quality, load bearing female threads in thin sheet materials, box sections and tubing.

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