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Avibulb® XT (Structural) - Dome Head

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Steel / Steel 1/4 0BN01 Imperial - Metric


The new Avdel® Avibulb® XT is a high strength breakstem fastener with excellent bulbing tail formation, which makes it ideal for the use in thin sheet materials. Avibulb® XT structural fasteners feature multi-grip capability, especially suited for applications with varying sheet thicknesses. They also have the advantage of good hole fill compensating for irregular, oversized or misaligned holes.

As a multi-grip fastener, the Avibulb® XT rivet has the capability to join component parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary.

During the rivet placing sequence the tail of the rivet body collapses into a bulb shape against the rear sheet. This creates a load bearing surface, which absorbs the force of setting the rivet. Otherwise the setting force, or clamp load, could spread into the application material and might damage the material. This makes Avibulb® ideal for use in thin sheet, soft, brittle and low strength materials, as well as resulting in high resistance to pull-out loads. Also during installation, the portion of the rivet body contained within the application thickness expands outwardly toward the wall of the application hole until the hole is completley filled by the rivet material. This radial expansion results in a strong, vibration resistant joint and compensates for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes. Also, it can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes


  • High shear and tensile strength
  • Multi-grip capability
  • High residual clamp load
  • Resists vibration and joint slippage
  • Good blind side footprint and bulb formation
  • Spreads the tail bearing load/clamp on the rear sheet
  • Suitable also in softer materials ( test report )
  • Reliable stem retention
  • Under head recess accommodates burrs around holes and spreads the load evenly on the top sheet

Typical Applications

  • Automotive
  • Truck and trailer
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Domestic appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Renewable energies


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Size Part Number Material
(Rivet / Stem)
Grip Hole Size M
1/4 0BN01-00816 Steel / Steel .059-.217 .260-.276 .661 .528 .122 .192 2495 1528
0BN01-00820 Steel / Steel .197-.354 .260-.276 .819 .528 .122 .192 2495 1528

1) typical values with test method according to ISO14589 (2000)
2) through stem

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1/4 0BN01 71234-02000

Interactive Demo

• 0BN01 - Dome head - Steel rivet / Steel stem

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