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Autoload (Hydro-Pneumatic)

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Power Supply: Hydraulic Oil & Air
Air Pressure: 90 psi
Weight: 468 lb (entire system)
(L x W x H)
706 x 664 x 1100mm
Handtool Umbilical Lengths: 4 meter (3.6 meter usable length)
6 meter (5.6 meter usable length)
Nose Equipment: Fastener setup supplied with each Autoload unit.
Cycle Time: Mandrel-to-Mandrel - 6 secs
Rivet Load - 1 sec
Rivet-to-Rivet - 1 sec

Download the tool manual to view dimensional specs


Avdel® developed the dynamic Autoload feature for our Speed Fastening® system to increase blind fastening productivity by up to 75%. The Autoload system is ideal for high volume production environments, capable of delivering up to 48 fasteners per minute directly to the nosepiece of the assembly tool. When the fasteners on one mandrel are spent, the assembly tool automatically inserts a fully loaded replacement into the system - a process that takes six seconds instead of the conventional, manual-load system’s 30 seconds. The system features an operator interface board that displays real-time reports on machine cycles and fault diagnostics. The data also can be linked to a network allowing off-site monitoring and maintenance.


  • Automated fastener installation system
  • Compact design suited for many applications
  • Quick mandrel reload time
  • Ergonomic nesting design for tool loading
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Modular machine design
  • Increases productivity, lower assembly costs
  • Quick and simple integration into assembly lines
  • Fasteners always available to operator
  • Minimized strain on shoulder area of operator
  • Simple fault diagnostics
  • Multiple handtool options to meet application constraints
  • Configurable for multiple speed fastener types

Fastener Range

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The Autoload system was developed to place Briv®, Rivscrew®, Rivscrew® PL and Chobert® speed fasteners in many standard sizes as well as the capability of custom engineered speed fasteners for your specific application. Please contact us for the range of sizes for each fastener.


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