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74405 (Hydro-Pneumatic)

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Fastener Range
Power Supply: Hydraulic Oil & Air
Air Pressure: 60-100 psi
Free Air Volume Required: 0.525 ft3 @ 75 psi
Weight: 4.4 lb without nose equipement or hose
Nose Equipment: One setup included with the tool.
Stroke: 0.63 in
Pull Force: 3111 lbf
Cycle Time: approximately 3 seconds
Noise Level: <75 dB(A)
Vibration: Less than 2.5 m/s2
Motor Speed: Spin On - 2000 rpm
Spin Off - 2000 rpm

Download the tool manual to view dimensional specs


A high performance hydro-pneumatic power tool designed for installing large diameter threaded inserts and/or inserts requiring more setting stroke. This tool offers a greater amount of power and stroke, whilst maintaining lightweight and ergonomic features as a result of the split intensifier.


  • High placement speed
  • Lightweight yet robust tool
  • Places a wide range of threaded inserts
  • Ergonomic
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Split tool
  • Lightweight placing head
  • Ideal for placing the Versa-Nut® threaded insert range up to M8

Fastener Range

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Part numbers represent standard tool setups. Contact Avdel® for options.
Fastener Size Material Base Tool
(No Nose Equipment)
Nose Assembly Complete Tool
(Includes Nose Equipment)
Versa-Nut® M4 Steel 74405-01000 07555-10184 ---
M5 Steel 74405-01000 07555-10185 ---
M6 Steel 74405-01000 07555-10186 ---
M8 Steel 74405-01000 07555-10188 ---


• Marketing Brochure
• Parts List
• Nose Equipment
• Complete Manual

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