Product Tutorials: Avseal® Sealing Plugs

What They Are

Sealing plug for low and high pressure hole sealing applications.

The new range of Avseal® II blind sealing plugs are a high performance sealing system consisting of a mandrel and sleeve combined into a single assembly. The Avseal® II is unique in the efficient sealing performance they provide in low and high pressure hole sealing applications*.

  • Fully annealed sleeve - high sealing performance
  • Hole fill capacity - improved seal and wider hole tolerance
  • Larger hole tolerance - simplified hole alignment when automated placing is required
  • Seal by compression of the sleeve - improves sealing with great hole fill capability over a wider hole tolerance
  • Internal lock - flat nose tip and ease of use
  • Improved stem retention - increased vibration resistance
  • No locking ring formed by nose tip - standard equipment reduces preventative maintenance
  • Low force special version - can be used in thin wall applications
  • Tapered sleeve and stem - ease of entry into application and nose tips, suited to automated systems
  • Shorter placed length, blind side protrusion reduced - use in restricted space or thin wall
  • Can be easily modified - can suit specific applications
  • Ease of placing with standard tooling - quality of seal is not operator dependant

Avseal® plugs consist of 3 features:
A. Sleeve
B. Stem (a.k.a. Mandrel, Pin)
C. Stem Head

*02961 series - Available in 4-12mm diameter for high pressure sealing applications
*02964 series - Available in 8-16mm diameter for low pressure sealing applications

How They Work

View an interactive demo

  1. During the placing sequence, the jaws of the placing tool lock onto pulling serations on the mandrel and pull the mandrel axially forcing the mandrel head into the plug.
  2. The sealing plug expands to accept the mandrel head and continues to expand as the mandrel travels through the plug.
  3. The plug expands radially inside the application and fills the application hole.
  4. The force required to travel through and expand the plug increases in each stage of the placing sequence until finally the stress is so high that the mandrel breaks.

Avseal® Plugs

Brand Material Key Features
Aluminum Avseal® II
  • 02961 series for high pressure sealing applications
  • 02964 series for low pressure sealing applications
  • Hole fill capacity for improved seal and wider hole tolerance
  • Improved stem retention increases vibration resistance
  • Installed with current range of installation tools

Avseal® Selection

Sealing Pressure
Sealing pressure above 300 bars - 02961 series
Sealing pressure below 300 bars - 02964 series.

Hole Depth
The hole depth of the parent material must fall within the suggested range of the Avseal® plug to ensure proper installation and function.

Hole Size
It is important to control the hole size accurately in order to ensure optimum Avseal® plug performance.

Hole Surface Preparation
Recommended hole roughness is 50-250 micro inch Ra.


Installation Tools

Tool Description
722 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs 11-12mm (high pressure 02961 series) and 13-14mm (low pressure 02964 series).

73411 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs 15 - 20mm.

nG1 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs 4 and 5mm.

nG2 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs up to 7 mm.

nG2S (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs up to 7 mm.

nG3 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs up to 9mm.

nG4 (Hydro-Pneumatic)
Avseal® II sealing plugs up to 12mm.

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