Markets & Applications

Avdel® supplies a range of automotive quality products to both the OEM vehicle manufacturers and their tiers suppliers. We support applications as diverse as engine sealing and front end, air bags and seat mechanisms and complete the offering with comprehensive assembly solutions from special handtools to fully unmanned automation.
Avdel® understands the unique manufacturing requirements for trucks, buses, motorcycles, rail cars, watercraft, bicycles and other non-automotive transportation equipment. With over 50 years experience in designing innovative solutions that have lowered the costs and improved the reliability of these applications, Avdel® is the single source, global supplier.
Avdel® offers widely-recognized fasteners for a broad range of construction applications, including steel, aluminum, wood, concrete and masonry.
Whether it’s lawn and garden equipment, children’s toys, home appliances, or fitness equipment, Avdel® has unique expertise in providing value added products and services. As the global leader in engineered fasteners and assembly solutions, Avdel® has experience solving the fastening problems associated with consumer goods.
From Silicon Valley to the Pacific Rim, the UK to down under, Avdel® is the single source supplier for fastening solutions for the electronics industry. Through focused global resources, Avdel® is leading the way in providing a broad range of fastening products and value added services which lower costs and improve product reliability.
From machinery to pumps, from medical equipment to office furniture, Avdel® has the products and services necessary to improve manufacturing operations, lower in-place costs and enhance product reliability. Only Avdel® offers a product line that includes MRO products, standard fasteners and custom-designed fastening solutions for unique problems.

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